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Boredoms are as of their latest album, a five-piece band that ranges from intense noise-rock to very tribal electronic stylings (even moreso recently). Their line-up is a very confusing one, with many albums featuring fake names (for example, "Hawaiian Disco with my Bollocks" lists the line-up like so: Onanie - voice, Pisshole - guitar, Humanshit - bass, Assoul - drums) and a varying cast since their founding in 1986. Their newest release, Seadrum/House of Sun is due out in Japan on September 24, featuring the current line-up.

A small picture of an early incarnation of the band.
A small picture of an early incarnation of the band.



Former Members

These members left or were replaced for various reasons at various times


As described above, the sound of the Boredoms ranges from noise, to noise-rock, all the way to electronic tribal music over the course of their 18-year and counting history.


From Dave Watson's comprehensive Boredoms discography POP KISS], with a few revisions.

The first incarnation of Boredoms was formed in the spring of 1986 and featured Yamatsuka Eye (now Yamataka Eye) of the infamous Hanatarash (previously named The Hanatarashi) on vocals, Taketani Ikuo (ex-Hanatarash) on drums, Tabata Mara on guitar, and Hosoi (now in CHILDREN COUP D'ETAT) on bass. That summer, Taketani was kicked out and replaced by Eye's friend, Yoshikawa Toyohito. Eye met Yoshikawa at an Einsturzende Neubauten concert, where he let Eye sit on his shoulders. Hira replaced Hosoi. A few months later Tabata quit and joined Zeni Geva and was replaced by Yamamoto Seiichi. Yoshimi Yokota joined in 1988 on drums and Yoshikawa switched to percussion. Yoshikawa quit in 1989 and was replaced by Hasegawa Chu, who quit sometime after that and was replaced by ATR. God Mama was also added as a dancer. Yoshikawa rejoined in time for Pop Tatari as co-vocalist. God Mama left the band after that and is now living in Korea. Yoshikawa quit for the second time in 1994 and was not replaced. EDA is their new drummer. Pavement's Mark Ibold told EDA about Boredoms. They met in Indonesia when EDA was bumming around the world. When EDA visited Mark in New York, Boredoms happened to be playing. He met Eye later at a techno party in Tokyo and the two became close friends. He was 36 years old at the time he joined, and completely bald. One of his previous gigs was playing with pop star Inoue Yosui. At one time they added a new studio member, 77, manager Junko's then-three-month-old baby daughter, and released a Japan-gig-only split 12" single with her titled "Eye Love Minga". ATR was suffering from some debilitating disease (and looked to be in really terrible shape in photos taken around that time), and switched to percussion since he didn't have the energy to play drums the way he normally does. He recovered and rejoined the band, which brought them up to three drummers total. In the time since I last updated this [the discography page-ed.], they have mutated once again so that their line-up is now Eye on electronics and vocals, Yoshimi on drums, percussion and vocals, and ATR and Youjiro on drums. This lineup goes further into the tribal stylings of the Vision Creation Newsun album. Technically, they are now named V∞redoms, and have done some new recording under this name, but they have been touring the States and Europe with this line-up under the name The Boredoms to prevent confusion.


Most information is from POP KISS, with some revisions, these are just confirmed releases and the earliest release dates (mostly of the Japanese releases)


  • 1988 - Boretronix 1
  • 1989 - Boretronix 2
  • 1990 - Boretronix 3
  •  ???? - Boretronix 4


  • 1986 - Anal by Anal (EP)
  • 1988 - Ozoresan no Stooges Kyo (LP)
  • 1989 - Soul Discharge '99 (LP) (re-released on CD in 1994; also an album of some sort (LP or CD?) called Soul Discharge '99/Early Boredoms has been released in 1990 by Shimmy-Disc in America and the Netherlands, however POP KISS says that sources have said The Boredoms haven't received any royalties from the sales, same with the Shimmy-Disc release of this LP)
  • 1990 - Michidai/Fuanteidei (EP)
  • 1996 - 2001 Boredoms (EP)
  • 1998 - Super Go!!!!! (Out of print single; EP)
  • 1998 - Super 77/Super Sky (EP; features 77)
  • 1998 - Super Roots 7 (EP single)
  • 1999 - Suncidal Credencies (EP)
  • 1999 - Super Roots 8 (EP single)
  • 2000 - Rebore Vol. 1 (LP)
  • 2000 - Rebore Vol. 2 (LP)
  • 2001 - Rebore Vol. 3 (LP)
  • 2001 - Rebore Vol. 0: Vision Recreation by Eye (LP)


  • 1992 - Pop Tatari (there is also an out of print promo version)
  • 1993 - Anal by Anal (CD version)
  • 1993 - Wow2
  • 1994 - Onanie Bomb Meets the Sex Pistols
  • 1994 - Soul Discharge '99 (See notes above)
  • 1994 - Super Roots EP
  • 1994 - Chocolate Synthesizer
  • 1994 - Super Roots 2 EP
  • 1994 - Super Roots 3 EP
  • 1995 - Super Roots 5 EP
  • 1996 - Super Roots 6 EP
  • 1998 - Super Go!!!!!
  • 1998 - Super ae (Sometimes seen as Super Are as well)
  • 1998 - Super Roots 7
  • 1999 - Super Roots 8
  • 1999 - Vision Creation Newsun EP
  • 1999 - Vision Creation Newsun Album (2 CD Box Set)
  • 2000 - Rebore Vol. 1
  • 2000 - Rebore Vol. 2
  • 2001 - Rebore Vol. 3
  • 2001 - Rebore Vol. 0: Vision Recreation by Eye
  • 2004 - Seadrum/House of Sun


  • 1998 - Super Seeeeee!!!!!!! (released on DVD in 2000)


  • There are way too many to list here, please see Pop Kiss for full list.

Related Projects

Almost all of the members of The Boredoms have participated in other projects as well, here are a few listed by member, some info taken by Dave Watson's Gutar Barrio page.




Yamamoto Seiichi

Yamataka Eye

Yoshikawa Toyohito



There are almost certainly more, as the members (and almost all in the experimental music world) are constantly collaborating for lives, for an album release, and anything else. The experimental scene is very close-knit, it seems.


Boredoms - TV Scorpion

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