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Brian the Sun

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Brian the Sun promoting "Cafuné" (2017)

Brian the Sun (ブライアンザサン) is a 4-piece Japanese rock band signed to SPACE SHOWER MUSIC.




Brian the Sun (2009)

Brian the Sun was formed in 2007 by Mori Ryota and Shiroyama Haruki in Osaka. During the summer of 2008, they played in the Senkou Riot 2008 finals and won the semi-grand prix. Immediately thereafter, the band went on hiatus for the members to take their exams, and resumed their activities in spring 2009.

In January 2010, drummer Kamata Nobuhiro and guitarist Matsukura Yoshito departed and were replaced by Morishita Ami and Ogawa Shinji, respectively. The band began touring around the country, and they also performed abroad in the Philippines. During the summer, drummer Morishita left the band and Ikeda Yukari joined as the temporary support bassist while Shiroyama took over the drums for the remainder of their tour. In the fall, Tanaka Shunta became the new support drummer for the band, officially joining as a member in April 2011.

On July 4, 2012, the band had their first national release with the single "Sister".

Brian the Sun made their major debut with the single "HEROES" on June 1, 2016.


Brian the Sun promoting Brian the Sun (2014)

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