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Buzz promoting Memorize (2014)

Buzz (버즈) is a Korean Rock/Pop five member band that debuted in 2003.


Former Members


Buzz debuted as a 5-member band in 2003. At the end of 2007 Min Kyung Hoon, vocalist, left the band to pursue a solo career. At the same time Buzz went on hiatus as all the members began to, or had already begun, to serve mandatory military service.

In November 2010, the band made a comeback as a duo with the release of the album fuzz·buzz. This new line-up consisted on guitarist Yoon Woo Hyun and new member, vocalist Nayul, however Nayul left short after the release of the album. New vocalist Min Dae Hong joined for the release of "Buzz Return" in 2012.

In August 2014, the original band members came together for the first time in eight years to release the single "8 Nyeonmanui Yeoreum" followed by the release of "Train" in September. Two months later they released their fourth album Memorize. The releases all lead up to their concert "Return to Happy Buzz Day" held from December 24 to December 28.


Buzz (2003-2007)
Buzz promoting fuzz·buzz (2010)
L to R: Nayul, Yoon Woo Hyun


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  • Official Fanclub: Buzz’s Happy People
  • Official Color: Blue

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