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CELLT promoting "Sakura Chronicle" (2009)
Left to Right: Kokoro, Sasa, Kiyoto, mero, Kasumi

CELLT (ケルト) was a five piece Japanese rock band in the visual-kei scene from the Kantou region of Japan. They were formed on August 7th, 2004 by ex-Kress Devia members Kasumi and Takuma (who later changed his name to Mito). In September of 2009, it was announced that after five years together and a couple member changes, CELLT will disband after their December 2nd one-man concert at Takadanobaba AREA.

Since the disbandment, Kiyoto changed his name to Mugi and started his solo project Gakudan Hitori, Sasa has been a support member for Ehpion, and mero has been a support member for Reira. They were signed to the indies label Timely Records.


Former Members

  • Akana (あかな) - Guitar
  • Mito (ミト) - Bass
  • Kouya (コゥヤ) - Guitar
  • Iori (尹織) - Drums


Studio Albums



Other Singles


  • [2008.08.27] Lydia (リディア)


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