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CLAN KEY is a Japanese punk rock / ska band.



CLAN KEY formed in 2004 in Hiroshima. They were originally a cover band and covered groups like SHAKALABBITS. After doing several local concerts, they began to focus on doing original music. In June of 2005 they created their first demo CD, which was limited to 500 copies. In the same month, they participated in the compilation album Jump up HIGH!! In October 2005 they appeared at about ten school festival celebrations to perform. They also were interviewed on radio programs in Hiroshima.

In December they held their first major live, "Red Clover Vol.1", to which 300 people attended. In February 2006 their first mini-album was released. Sales were especially high in Hiroshima, Tokyo, and Nagoya. CLAN KEY released their second mini-album in November 2006 and are working on becoming known nationwide.



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