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CRAZE was a punk band formed after BODY and ZI:KILL disbanded in 1994. The band constisted of CIPHER & TETSU (both ex-BODY) Seiichi (ex-ZI:KILL). They had changed their vocalist three times. The Slut Banks' vocalist, Itaya Tasuka wanted to join his old bandmates from ZI:KILL Seiichi. And after CRAZE's third vocalist Suzuki Shinichiro left the band in 2000, TUSK joined up as CRAZE's fourth and final vocalist. CRAZE's first release with TUSK was "baby punks 2000" single, which was a remake of an old work. After five years worked together with CRAZE, TUSK wanted to leave CRAZE and go solo. They played their final live without TUSK in January 9th, 2006.


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