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Let's define the categories221:56, 22 November 2016

Let's define the categories

We have so many different categories here for bands and groups. I think we need to define each category, and then streamline all these little categories into the larger category.

These two categories seem to be almost the same; for groups that don't fit into the previous two categories. I think Japanese Vocal Groups makes more sense to kept. The gender of the group members really shouldn't be so important. I'm guessing cause we have the girl group and boy band pages people assumed we needed this mixed gendered group. The reason we have categories for those terms is because they refer to a lot more than just the gender of said group. Japanese Vocal Groups should primarily contain idol groups. Groups like RYTHEM and YA-KYIM are not "vocal groups" or a "girl group". Some write lyrics, some write and compose everything, there is a lot more contributed than Vocals.
Themonkeyofdoom18:10, 23 October 2016

Sorry for the delayed reply! As I haven't checked things as often as I used to, I've been confident that people like you have held this wiki is high regard to know what will work best as a whole :) Thank you for all that you've done!!

  • eXodius
21:23, 22 November 2016

I've been asking a lot of questions throughout on talk pages and in the forums. It would be great to get some feedback :D

Themonkeyofdoom21:56, 22 November 2016