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Chocolat (group)

Chocolat promoting "3rd Single Album" (2013)
L to R: Melanie, Juliane, Tia, Min Soa

Chocolat (쇼콜라) was a Korean pop girl group under Paramount Music, which consists of two Koreans and three half-Korean and half-Caucasian members. Jaeyoon only participated in their debut digital single "Syndrome". In 2013, a new member was added, Lori. She was known for appearing in the music video of "Black Tinkerbell".


  • Min Soa (Leader, Lead Vocal, Rapper)
  • Juliane (Vocal, Visual)
  • Tia (Vocal, Visual, Main Dancer)
  • Melanie (Main Vocal, Rapper, Lead Dancer, Maknae)
  • Lori (Vocal, Visual)




Digital Singles


  • Official Fanclub: Chocolatier
  • Official Colors: Black and Pink

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