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Regular Cover
Deluxe Cover
Commemorate CD+DVD Cover
Fish Leong
Chongbai (崇拜; j'Adore)
2007.11.09 (Regular and Deluxe Editions)
2007.12.25 (Commemorate CD+VCD Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Chongbai (崇拜; j'Adore)
  2. C'est la vie
  3. Huitian Diyi Jian Shi (每天第一件事; First Thing in the Morning)
  4. Hui Huxi De Tong (會呼吸的痛; Breathable Pain)
  5. 101
  6. Yi Miao De Tiantang (一秒的天堂; A Second Heaven)
  7. Gei Weilai De Ziji (給未來的自己; To My Future Self)
  8. Zhi Duoshao (知多少; How Much Do I Know?)
  9. Shengming Zhong Buke Chengshou De Qing (生命中不可承受的輕; Life Cannot Bear the Light)
  10. San Cun Riguang (三吋日光; Three Inches of Sunlight)
  11. Yun Loi Nei Yaa Cheung Gwo Ngo Dik Go (原來你也唱過我的歌(粵); So You Also Sang My Song (Cantonese))
DVD Tracklist
  1. Chongbai (MV)
  2. C'est la vie (MV)
  3. 101 (MV)
  4. Hui Huxi De Tong (MV)
  5. Gei Weilai De Ziji (MV)
  6. Yun Loi Nei Yaa Cheung Gwo Ngo Dik Go (MV)


Chongbai is the ninth studio album released by Fish Leong. This album was noted for its French and Cantonese musical influence. The deluxe edition of the album included a 101-page photo notebook.

G-Music Charts

Fish Leong promoting the album
Week Rank Sales (%)
1 9.85
3 4.00
2 5.40
3 4.84
3 4.88
2 6.28
2 7.93
3 8.01
8 1.79
10 1.28
8 1.94
10 1.55
6 1.77
10 1.02
7 0.93
10 0.76

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