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Ciao Smiles

Ciào Smiles (2019)
Ciào Smiles (2018)
Ciào Smiles promoting Song for you (2017)
Ciào Smiles promoting Nijiiro Smile (2016)

Ciao Smiles (Ciào Smiles) is a Japanese pop group under the agency Amuse. The group consists of 7 members who were previously contestants for Ciao Girl Audition and are currently active as model for Shogakkan's Ciao magazines and commercials. They debuted with their first single Nijiiro Smile on July 7, 2016 and performed at TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL the following month. It was announced on January 14, 2017 through a live stream, that Kurosawa Mirena has graduated from the group and there are two additional members Tanaka Miku and Liliane Roy. The group released their first DVD single Song for you on July 7, 2017 and welcomed new member Namiki Ayaka, who won Ciao Girl 2017☆Audition in August 2017. Kobayashi Momo and Kato Yui graduated from the group on March 2018. The group released their second single chance!!! before Kojima Karen announced her departure on August 20, 2018. The group later welcomed new member Teruuchi Koharu, who won Ciao Girl 2018☆Audition. Meanwhile, Miyata Kurumi, Shintani Yuzumi,and Uemura Yui graduated on February 2019. On July 2019, the group welcome new member Oshima Miyu and announced new single Singing in the Summer.


  • Tanaka Miku (田中美空) (Ciao Girl 2016☆Audition Grand Prix)
  • Liliane Roy (ロワ梨里愛) (Ciao Girl 2016☆Audition Second Grand Prix)
  • Namiki Ayaka (並木彩華) (Ciao Girl 2017☆Audition Grand Prix)
  • Teruuchi Koharu (照内心陽) (Ciao Girl 2018☆Audition Grand Prix)
  • Oshima Miyu (大島美優) (Ciao Girl 2018☆Audition Second Grand Prix)
  • Negishi Mika (根岸実花) (Ciao Girl 2019☆Audition Grand Prix)

Former Members

  • Kurosawa Mirena (黒澤美澪奈) (Red/Leader; Ciao Girl 2009☆Audition Smile Award)
  • Kobayashi Momo (小林もも) (Pink; Ciao Girl 2012☆Audition Second Grand Prix)
  • Kato Yui (加藤結) (Blue; Ciao Girl 2013☆Audition Second Grand Prix)
  • Kojima Karen (小島華蓮) (Orange; Ciao Girl 2015☆Audition Second Grand Prix)
  • Miyata Kurumi (宮田くるみ) (Purple; Ciao Girl 2014☆Audition Grand Prix)
  • Shintani Yuzumi (新谷ゆづみ) (Yellow; Ciao Girl 2014☆Audition Second Grand Prix)
  • Uemura Yui (植村友結) (Green; Ciao Girl 2015☆Audition Grand Prix)



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