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Cubic U

Cubic U was a Japanese pop band consisting of the Utada family: Fuji Keiko, Utada Teruzane, and Utada Hikaru.



In 1990 the Utada family formed a band consisting of Utada Teruzane, Junko, and Hikaru. Junko was the lead vocal singer of the band. Each of them made a performing name for themselves. Junko is Ra U, Teruzane is Sking U, and Hikaru is H Ikaso U. (Named after the painter Picasso). “U” being the initial of “Utada”, and “3” being the number of people in their family, they came up with the name “U3” for their band.

In the September of 1993, they released the album “U*STAR”. At the time Hikaru was 10 years old. She wrote the songs “Thank you” with her father, and “Kodomotachi no uta ga kikoeru” (“the singing of the children is heard”) by herself. Utada Hikaru sang a part in both of these songs. She learned to write songs herself, and this is how she got her practice.

U3 also released two records, “Rainy day”, and “New life”, one containing six and the other, four songs. These releases unfortunately did not attract much attention.

After two years as “U3”, in 1995, they changed their band name to, “cubic U”. In the June of 1996 they released "Tsumetai Tsuki” (“Cold moon”) /Golden Era" under “Fuji Keiko with cubic U”, again Junko did the main vocals. The song became the commercial song for “Hake Tsuru”, a Japanese brand name. Hikaru was featured on the chorus, and in the coupling song took turns singing with Junko.


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