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Cyndi Wang

Cyndi Wang promoting CYNDILOVES2SING (2018)

Cyndi Wang (王心凌) is a popular Taiwanese Mandopop singer and actress currently under Universal Music Taiwan. She debuted under avex trax Taiwan in 2003 after winning a singing competition, although she had participated in local dramas and music videos prior to. In 2009, Wang switched labels to Gold Typhoon and returned with her seventh studio album, Xīn Diàn Xīn H2H, an album which was meant to show a sexier image. Two years later she switched to Universal Music Taiwan. Throughout her career, Wang has been known for her youthful image and bubblegum pop songs.


  • Stage Name : Cyndi Wang/Wáng Xīnlíng (王心凌)
  • Real Name : Wáng Jūnrú (王君如)
  • Birth Date : September 05, 1982
  • Birth Place : Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • Blood Type : O
  • Height : 158cm
  • Weight : 41kg
  • Favorite Color: Black, white, green
  • Favorite Season: Autumn
  • Favorite Actress: Zhang Manyu
  • Favorite Actors: Mel Gibson, Sean Penn
  • Likes: Family, comfortable clothing
  • Dislikes: Selfish people
  • Labels:


Cyndi Wang promoting Magic Cyndi (2007)
Cyndi Wang promoting Ài Bù Ài (2012)


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