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Czecho No Republic

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Czecho No Republic promoting "Baby Baby Baby Baby" (2018)

Czecho No Republic (チェコ・ノー・リパブリック) is a 4-piece Japanese pop-rock band signed to Columbia Music Entertainment.



  • Yoshida Adim (吉田 アディム) – Guitar (2010–2012)
  • Yagi Rui (八木類) – Guitar, Chorus, Synthesizer (2011–2018)


Czecho No Republic (2010)

Czecho No Republic was initially formed by Takei Masami and Yamazaki Shotaro in March 2010 and held their first live in Shimokitazawa at the end of that same month. Guitarist Yoshida Adim joined the band the following month. Both Takei and Yoshida participated as support members of The Mirraz for their tour in May. A half a year after their formation, Czecho released their debut mini-album erectionary exclusively from Tower Records on November 17. The mini-album was so highly praised that they were chosen to perform the opening act for The Mirraz's nationwide tour.

In February 2011, guitarist Yagi Rui joined the band as support, and was later promoted to a full member. On June 8, they released their first single "Casually" and in October their first album Maminka after which they were nominated for the CD shop Award 2012. The band held its first tour Haha Naru Daichi Tour which ended in great success.

June 2012 marked the release of their second mini-album DINOSAUR. Following their live at Nagoya CLUB DIAMOND HALL & Nagoya APOLLO THEATER on August 25, 2012 Yoshida Adim withdrew from the band. Afterwards, Takahashi Mai and Sunagawa Kazuki joined the band as support members. They both later became full members on January 1, 2013.

Czecho made their major debut with Columbia Music Entertainment on October 30, 2013 with the album NEVERLAND.


Czecho promoting Maminka (2011)
Czecho promoting "Festival" (2013)
Czecho promoting Santa Fe (2015)
Czecho No Republic (2017)

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