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D. Heaven

D. Heaven promoting "Moreuneun Saramcheoreom" (2010)

D. Heaven (디헤븐) was a Korean pop one-member group (former 3-member) debuted in 2010 under Yeseong Entertaiment. The trio was formed by actress Shin Ji Soo, former solo singer Yu Sin (previously known as U Sin), and debuting member Pureun. In mid 2012 Shin Ji Soo and Pureun left, leaving Yu Sin the only member of the group.


Former Members


Digital Singles


  • [2010.04.02] Sung Eun - Neo Hanaman (#1 Neo Hanaman (feat. Namolafamily Kim Jae Woo, 'D. Heaven), #2 Sarangbyeong (feat. Canaan, D. Heaven), #4 Neo Hanaman (feat. D. Heaven))

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