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DASEIN (2000s)

DASEIN (ダーザイン) is a Japanese rock duo formed in 2000 and disbanded in 2004. The came back together in 2010.



The band was started after Joe wanted to start his own project after the recovery of a herniated disk. Vocalist Ricky soon joined up and the band formed in 2000. The band created a new genre of music, called "HYPER BEAT ROCK" with an extensive use of drums and synthesizer. The band called themselves "DASEIN", which is German for "being right here".

After eleven singles and three albums, the duo broke up in 2004. But, six years later in 2010, the duo got back together for a limited time to celebrate their ten year anniversary. To celebrate, DASEIN went on tour and released a maxi-single, "Mayonaka no Elegy".



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