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Dazzle Vision promoting SHOCKING LOUD VOICE (2012)

DAZZLE VISION is a popular in the Japanese indie scene for their hard-rock sound and female vocalist Maiko's alternating melodic/death-voice vocals, Dazzle Vision was formed in June 2003, and has held their current line-up since May 2008. After already performing abroad in Asia in the early years of their career, Dazzle Vision made their US debut at the convention Sakura-con in April 2010.



Dazzle Vision promoting Camellia Japonica (2007)
Dazzle Vision promoting to the next (2010)


Live Albums

Other Albums


Digital Singles

  • [2011.02.23] Sakura (桜; Cherry blossom)
  • [2011.03.30] REASON


  • [2008.11.21] Crystal Children (Box single (Metsu / All refused) + album (Crystal Children))

Compilations / Others

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