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DROP DOLL promoting "Secret Voice" (2019)

DROP DOLL is a three-piece Japanese rock band signed to Tokuma Japan Communications.


  • Yuina (ユイナ) – Bass, Vocal
  • Yukino (ユキノ) – Guitar, Vocal
  • Chihiro (チヒロ) – Drums, Vocal


  • J – Drums, Vocal


DROP DOLL promoting "Mikansei na Dreamer" (2017)

DROP DOLL was formed in November 2016 after the three members, who were actresses at the time, had been cast in a film about a high school girl band. They started live activities in March 2017 and tours in July. In November, they performed their first one-man live DROP DOLL 1st ANNIVERSARY! ~Spread our wings~ at Aoyama RizM in Tokyo, and celebrated their first anniversary. On December 13th, they released their major debut single "Mikansei na Dreamer".



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