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Don't Say Goodbye (Alan Kuo)

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Album Cover
Alan Kuo
Don't Say Goodbye
CD Tracklist
  1. Save Me
  2. Huáng Pífū (New Version) (黃皮膚; Yellow Skin)
  3. Don't Say Goodbye
  4. Hūxī (New Version) (呼吸; Breathe)
  5. Shènglì (勝利; Victory)
  6. Shàngyǐn (上癮; Addiction)
  7. Yǎnlèi Dírén (New Version) (眼淚敵人; Tears of the Enemy)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Sweet Relationship Dream
  2. Sweet Relationship Unrequited Love
  3. Don't Say Goodbye (MV Highlights)
  4. Don't Say Goodbye (MV)
  5. Save Me (MV Highlights)
  6. Save Me (MV)


Don't Say Goodbye is the first mini-album released by Alan Kuo. It was a soundtrack preview to the drama Sweet Relationship and was only released in CD+DVD format.

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