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EdanE band

EdanE is an Indonesian hard rock and heavy metal band from Jakarta who started work since 1991. They are also considered to be Indonesia's most popular metal band. EdanE known as crazy guitar from Eet Sjahranie, personnel bike ever stage with legendary musicians like God Bless Indonesia, Iwan Fals, and Sawung Jabo.


  • Name: EdanE
  • Years active: 1991-present
  • Origin: Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Genres: Hard rock, heavy metal
  • Labels: Aquarius Musikindo then Sony Music Indonesia


This is the EdanE's line-up from 1991-present:

EdanE I :

EdanE II :

EdanE III :

EdanE IV :

EdanE V :

  • Eet Sjahranie - guitarist
  • Fajar Satritama - drummer
  • Ervin Nanzabakri - vocalist
  • Daeng Oktav - bassist
  • Hendra Zamzami - rhythm guitarist



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