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Elegant Gothic Aristocrat

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Elegant Gothic Aristocrat (EGA) is a fashion style created by Japanese visual idol Mana, former guitarist of MALICE MIZER and current producer and leader of cult band Moi dix Mois. It is sold at his store, Moi-même Moitié ("my other half"), which has branches in Shinjuku and Aoyama, Japan. Recently the clothing can also be purchased online through CDJapan by foreign fans. Prices usually range from $160-250 US for a shirt, and $350-$550 for a dress. Another brand that makes clothing resembling EGA is Atelier Boz.

The style itself centers on the concepts of "androgyny" and "hermaphroditism," and as such often has identical outfits for both men and women. The clothing is usually limited to black, white, and other dark, natural colors, and the main image is founded on elegance and aristocratic nobility of the kind found in what the Japanese believe middle century Europe was like (no one knows what that is). More generally the clothing lines are simple and tight, with pants or long skirts that stand in direct contrast to the lolita style. Typical gothic piercings and tattoos are not particularly compatible with the clothing, and the sizes generally prohibit large people from wearing it. Because of the simplicity of some of the designs, it can at times closely resemble current Japanese business fashion.

Although generally thought to belong to the Japanese gothic and lolita subculture, EGA, and the gothic and lolita style, can be thought of as part of the indies or visual kei music scenes as well. Many adherents will tell you that they consider themselves part of the music scene, as opposed to the gothic and lolita scene, and may only wear the clothing to go to concerts. Mana and the rest of the members of Moi dix Mois wear and model the clothes, and so they are necessary choices for concert-goers chosing to cosplay him. Mana is the ideal EGA.

EGA is a preference among older gothic and lolita who start feeling sometime in their twenties that they are outgrowing the subculture. Many of these people will turn to EGA or PINKHOUSE as a more adult alternative.

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