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Entertainment (SEKAI NO OWARI)

Album Cover
Catalog Number
TFCC-86388 (Limited Edition)
TFCC-86389 (Regular Edition)
¥4,000 (Limited Edition)
¥2,857 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. The Entrance
  2. Starlight Parade (スターライトパレード)
  3. Fantasy
  4. illusion
  5. Fushichō (不死鳥; Phoenix)
  6. Tenshi to Akuma (天使と悪魔; Angels and Demons)
  7. Love the warz
  8. Never Ending World
  9. Seibutsugaku Teki Gensou Kyoku (生物学的幻想曲; Biological Fantasy)
  11. yume
  12. Kachō Fūgetsu (花鳥風月; Beauties of Nature)
  13. Honō no Senshi (炎の戦士; Flame Warrior)
  14. Fight Music
  15. Nemuri Hime (眠り姫; Sleeping Princess)
  16. Fukai Mori (深い森; Deep Forest)
DVD Tracklist
2011.11.22 at Nippon Budokan Live
  2. Starlight Parade (スターライトパレード)
  3. Nijiiro no Sensō (虹色の戦争; Rainbow-colored War)
  4. Tenshi to Akuma (天使と悪魔; Angels and Demons)
  5. Never Ending World
  6. Shi no Mahō (死の魔法; The Magic of Death)
  7. Fushichō (不死鳥; Phoenix)
  8. yume
  9. TONIGHT -Nippon Budokan Ver.-
  10. Hakuchū no Yume (白昼の夢; Daydream)
  11. Sekai Heiwa (世界平和; World Peace)
  12. Love the warz
  13. Kachō Fūgetsu (花鳥風月; Beauties of Nature)
  14. Maboroshi no Inochi (幻の命; Phantom Life)
  15. Fantasy
  16. Aoi Taiyō (青い太陽; Blue Sun)
  17. Nemuri Hime (眠り姫; Sleeping Princess)
  18. Instant Radio (インスタントラジオ)
  19. ENDING


ENTERTAINMENT is the second studio album recorded by SEKAI NO OWARI, and their first record with a major label. It was certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of Japan for the shipment of over 250,000 copies.

Oricon Chart Positions

SEKAI NO OWARI promoting the album

The album reached #2 on the weekly Oricon chart, and continued to rank for an astonishing 176 weeks. ENTERTAINMENT went on to sell 111,935 copies in 2012, making it the #60 album of the year.

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- x x x x x x 2 65,374
x x x x x x x 7 14,771
x x x x x x x x x,xxx
x x x x x x x x x,xxx
  • Total Sales: 245,777

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