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Forever Road

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Album Cover
Yico Zeng
Forever Road
  1. Shizizuo - Gai Ban (狮子座 - 改版; Leo - Revision)
  2. Zui Tianshi (最天使; The Angel)
  3. Huan Neng Haizi Duojia (还能孩子多久; Are You Still a Child?)
  4. Xin De Jia (新的家; New Home)
  5. Goodnight
  6. Ni Shi Wo Zuihao De Pengyou (你是我最好的朋友; You are My Best Friend)
  7. Baise Qiutian (白色秋天; White Autumn)
  8. Dianche Jihua (电车计划; Car Plan)
  9. Shijue Xi (视觉系; Visual System)
  10. Forever Road

Repackaged Cover
Forever Road (Repackage Version)
CD Tracklist
  1. Zui Tianshi (最天使)
  2. Forever Road
  3. Dianche Jihua (电车计划)
  4. Baise Qiutian (白色秋天)
  5. Xin De Jia (新的家)
  6. Yonggan Yidian (勇敢一点; A Bit Courageous)
  7. Goodnight
  8. Huan Neng Haizi Duojia - Fairy Tale version (还能孩子多久-童话故事版)
  9. Ni Shi Wo Zuihao De Pengyou (你是我最好的朋友)
  10. Shijue Xi (视觉系)
  11. Shizizuo (狮子座)
  12. Huan Neng Haizi Duojia - Gentle Strong version (还能孩子多久-温柔坚强版)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Shizizuo (Full MV)
  2. Shizizuo (Making-of) (幕后直击)
  3. Album Photoshoot Behind-the-Scenes (唱片封面拍摄_幕后直击)


Forever Road is the debut album released by Yico Zeng. The title track was used for the lead promotional song.