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Full8loom (풀블룸) is a South Korean composition and music production team. The trio has been credited together since 2016 but the team officially formed in 2017, though original member Jake K left sometime in late 2019.


  • Jinli (진리) – Lyricist, Composer
  • Glory Face (영광의 얼굴들) – Composer, Arranger
  • yuka – Music Producer, Composer (2019–)
  • HARRY (2019–)
  • Bang Geonu (방건우) (2020–)
  • Ju-0 (주우영) (2020–)


  • Jake K – Composer, Arranger (2017–2019)

Produced Works

See: Jinli Works, Glory Face Works, Jake K Works, yuka Works, Harry Works, Bang Geonu Works, Ju-0 Works.

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