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G-reyish (group)

G-reyish promoting M (2021)

G-reyish (그레이시) was a Korean pop girl group that debuted in 2017 under Elijah Entertainment. In January 2021, they signed with BIG OCEAN ENM. They officially disbanded on May 31, 2022.


  • Shinyoung (Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocal)
  • Yena (Main Dancer, Vocal)
  • Yeso (Lead Vocal, Maknae)
  • Hyeji (Leader, Main Vocal)

Former Members


G-reyish comes from the color “Grey” and it means that the group aspires to be a team that won't lose its originality just like how the colour grey doesn't lose its colour when mixed in with other ones. They don't have a set leader and want to try a different concept with each comeback. All members are high schoolers and trained for only a short period of time as a group.


  • Official Fanclub: Syrup



  • [2021.03.05] M

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