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G.E.M. promoting HEARTBEAT (2015)
G.E.M. promoting Xposed (2012)
G.E.M. promoting My Secret (2010)
G.E.M. promoting G.E.M. (2008)

G.E.M. (born Gloria Tang Zhi Wing) is a R&B pop singer-songwriter based in Hong Kong. She is signed under Hummingbird Music. Her stage name G.E.M. is an abbreviation of Get Everybody Moving. As a Chinese singer-songwriter and actress, she widely known for her vocal range and stage presence. She made her debut in the Hong Kong music scene with the release of her self-titled EP G.E.M. in 2008.


  • Chinese Name: Tang Zhi-wing, 鄧紫棋 (Traditional), 邓紫棋 (Simplified)
  • English Name: Gloria Tang
  • Birthday: August 16, 1991
  • Birthplace: Shanghai, China



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