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GP Basic

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GP Basic (2015)

GP Basic (지피 베이직) was a Korean pop/hip-hop girl group debuted in 2010 under Jacyhan International. At the time of their debut the group was composed of six elementary schoolers and middle schoolers. Janey was in 6th grade (elementary school in Korea), while the other five were in their second year of middle school, making the group's average debut age 13.5.


  • Zion (Leader, Vocals)
  • Amet (Lead Vocals)
  • Mooi (Main Dancer, Rapper)

Former Members


GP Basic promoting "GAME" (2010)
GP Basic promoting "Jelly Pop" (2011)
GP Basic promoting "Pika-Burnjuck" (2014)

In 2011, before the release of their second digital single, Hannah, left the group for educational reasons. She was replaced by Mooi.

In 2014, after Leah's departure, they made their comeback with the digital single "Pika-Burnjuck".

In early 2015, GP Basic began promotions in China without Janey and Trinity. Zion, Amet, and Mooi performed as GPS (the speculated meaning of the name is GP Super). They have not released a new single, but performed cover songs as well as Pika-Burnjuck on a few Chinese music programs.



Digital Singles


  • Official Fanclub: Spade (formerly Basically)
  • Official Color: Purple

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