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Gangkiz promoting We Became Gang (2012)

Gangkiz (갱키즈) was a Korean pop girl group under Core Contents Media. They quietly disbanded after their debut.



News about the group surfaced in early 2011. In 2012 Gangkiz was officially introduced as an unnamed seven member girl group, and a contest was held to come up with a name for the group. Over 35,000 names were submitted, and the name Gangkiz was chosen. The group made their debut in May 2012, and it was then announced that they would be releasing a seven-part music video for their debut song "Honey Honey".

In 2013, after Core Contents Media opened their fancafe account, it was revealed that the only two remaining members of Gangkiz were Esther and Hyeji. Haein later confirmed her departure from the group, while the other members were presumed to have departed as well, although Core never released an official statement.


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