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Giga Makhyeo

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Physical Edition Cover
Digital Edition Cover
Giga Makhyeo (기가 막혀; Awesome)
  1. One N Only
  2. Giga Makhyeo (기가 막혀)
  3. Gaseumi Nollae (가슴이 놀래; Surprised Heart)
  4. All in
  5. 1 Bun (1분; 1 Minute)

Mini-Album Cover
Quē Yǎng (Awesome) (缺氧)
CD Tracklist
  1. One N Only
  2. Quē Yǎng (Awesome) (缺氧)
  3. Heartbreak
  4. All in
  5. 1 Minute
  6. Quē Yǎng (Awesome) (Chinese ver.) (缺氧)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Quē Yǎng (Awesome) (Chinese Subtitles Version MV) (缺氧)
  2. Quē Yǎng (Awesome) (Chinese Version MV) (缺氧)
  3. Quē Yǎng (Awesome) (MV Making Of (Chinese Subtitles)) (缺氧)
  4. Quē Yǎng (Awesome) (MV Album Photoshoot Making Of (Chinese Subtitles)) (缺氧)
  5. N.Flying Debut Announcement - Lee Seung Hyub Part
  6. N.Flying Debut Announcement - Kwon Kwang Jin Part
  7. N.Flying Debut Announcement - Kim Jae Hyun Part
  8. N.Flying Debut Announcement - Cha Hun Part


Giga Makhyeo is the Korean debut mini-album released by N.Flying. The song of same title was used as title track. The tracks "One N Only" and "Gaseumi Nollae" are Korean versions of the songs "One And Only" and "Reason" respectively, previously released in Japanese.

The mini-album was later released in Taiwan under the chinese name Quē Yǎng (Awesome). It was released in a CD+DVD edition and includes a Chinese version of the title track. Tracks with Korean titles were translated into English for this release.

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