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Go Go Ssing

Digital Cover
Physical / iTunes Cover
Black Pearl
Go Go Ssing (고고씽; Go Go Thing)
  1. Go Go Ssing (고고씽; Go Go Thing)
  2. Geudaeraseo (그대라서; Because You)
  3. Gyeolguk... Neojanha (결국... 너잖아; Finally... It's You)
  4. Joheungeol Eotteokhae (좋은걸 어떡해; I Can't Help Loving You)
  5. Blue moon (SeeYa, Davichi, Black Pearl)
  6. Joheun Saram (좋은사람; Good Person)
  7. Miun Sarang (미운사랑; Hateful Love)
  8. Na Neo Johahae (나 너 좋아해; I Like You)
  9. Aesu (애수; Sad)


Go Go Ssing is Black Pearl's first mini-album. The title track was used as the lead single and the mini-album contains only 2 new songs which are "Go Go Ssing" and "Na Neo Johahae". The rest of the tracks were previously released in various soundtracks and collaborations the group participated in as well as their two digital singles "Gyeor Gug... Neojanha" and "Joheungeol Eotteokhae" they released in 2007.

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