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Goedo (Danger)

ACE Cover
Goedo (Danger) (괴도; Thief)
Seo Ji Eum (Jam Factory)
Thomas Troelsen, Remee S. Jackman
Other Information
Arrangement: Thomas Troelsen, Remee S. Jackman, Command Freaks
Vocal Direction: Maxx Song
Background Vocals: Choi Andrew, Kye Bum Joo, Taemin, Thomas Troelsen
Rhythm Programming & Drum: Thomas Troelsen
Guitar: Maxx Song
Keyboard: Dr. Ahn
Recording: Jung Eui Suk @ S.M. Blue Cup Studio, Maxx Song @ ICONIC Studio
Protools Operating: Maxx Song
Digital Editing: Lee Ji Hong @ doobdoob Studio
Mixing: Jung Eui Suk @ S.M. Blue Cup Studio

"Goedo (Danger)" is a song recorded by Taemin, found on his first Korean mini-album ACE as track #2.