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Golden Bomber

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Golden Bomber promoting NO MUSIC NO WEAPON (2015).

Golden Bomber (ゴールデンボンバー) is a four member Japanese rock visual-kei air band. They are also known colloquially as Kinbaku (金爆), Bomber, GB, and Gorubon (ゴルボン). The group formed in 2004 when vocalist Kiryuin and guitarist Kyan came together with a concept of "Hyper Giga Hybrid Super Subculture Visual Rock". To go through with this concept, the band began to dance during each performance, developed a drama that was screened during their concerts, and did parodies of famous Japanese rock and pop songs.

In 2009, the group held a nationwide year-long tour with 46 total stops. It was so successful that they performed again the next year, although with fewer dates. In 2010 the band had also released a digital single for each month of the year, all of the songs reached #1 on the Chaku Uta charts.


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