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Goodie Goodie

Digital Edition Cover
Rental Edition Cover
Sweet Vacation
Goodie Goodie (グッディグッディ)
2010.06.30 (Digital Edition)
2010.07.07 (Rental Edition)
Catalog Number
BUGM-3007 (Rental Edition)
¥200 (Digital Edition)
Digital Edition Tracklist
  1. Goodie Goodie (グッディグッディ)
Rental Edition Tracklist
  1. Goodie Goodie (グッディグッディ)
  2. Trick or Treat
  3. Sexy Girl


"Goodie Goodie" is the third major single and the 16th digital release released by Sweet Vacation. It was first released through Japan's iTunes store on June 30th as a one-track digital single. A week later a physical rental only single was released through the TSUTAYA store chain and came with two B-side songs. The digital single's cover is the same as the limited edition cover of their second album Re;Miraiha Sengen, while the rental single has a new cover.