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HAM promoting "Nunnopireul Natchugo" (2011)

HAM was a Korean pop girl group managed by LeeYeon Entertainment and debuted in 2009. The group's name HAM stands for "Heart & Mind". As Su Jin has redebuted with BBde Girl, and the group has been inactive for almost two years (as of December 2012), it's safe to assume that they have unofficially disbanded.


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HAM made their debut in September 2009 through the MNet show "Hello, we are the new group HAM", which showed their pre-debut and training days. Their debut performance aired also in MNet on September 17th, 2009.
The group did promotions for the song "T.T Dance", included in their first single "CHERISH THE HOPE!", from September till November 2009.

Right after their debut, it was announced the release of a follow-up single in December, "Girls, Falling in Love", and their debut in Japan. They hold a joint concert with the Japanese idol group Marry Doll on both Korea and Japan, and appeared on the CS Victory Idol Sniper TV show.

In October 2010, the former leader of the group Miyu, left the group, and the rest of the members released their fourth digital single "So Sexy".


HAM promoting "CHERISH THE HOPE!" (2009)

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