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HINT (group)

HINT promoting "EH-OH" (2020)

HINT (힌트) is a Korean pop girl group under Star Pro Entertainment. The group made their debut as TURAN (투란) in 2013, however they underwent member changes and ultimately re-branded and re-debuted in 2017 as HINT.


Former Members


TURAN promoting "Shotgun" (2013)

TURAN Debut & Member Changes

The group debuted on July 10, 2013 as TURAN with their first digital single "Shotgun". Their name came from the mythological goddess Turan. The first line-up was formed by Hanbi, Chaeeun, Elisha, Lian, Sebin, Ryuji and Leekyung.

In 2014, a new line-up was announced being formed by Lian, Elisha, E-Hwa, Hyobin and Hyejin.

First Mini-Album & Chinese Promotions

On March 23, 2015 the group released their first digital mini-album Mystery Member, however they didn't promoted it. In 2016, they released their first Chinese mini-album Hello TURAN. After the release, a new line-up was announced including Hyejin, Haesol, Nael, Cherry and Byeola, who left the group after a short time.

2017: Debut as HINT

In 2017, new members U, Sogeum and Arra were addeded to the last TURAN line-up and then the group re-debuted as HINT on March 31th with the digital single "Tang Tang Tang". In November of the same year, U announced her departure from the group. On January 3, 2018 they released their first mini-album Walkie-Talkie and introduced Byeola, who had been a member in their TURAN days.

Korean Discography

HINT promoting Walkie-Talkie (2018)
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Digital Singles

Chinese Discography


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