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Hamada Mari

Hamada Mari

Hamada Mari (浜田麻里) is a Japanese singer-songwriter.


  • Birthdate: July 18, 1962
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Catchphrase: Hamada-chan wa Heavy Metal (麻里ちゃんはヘヴィ・メタル; Hamada-chan is Heavy Metal)


Hamada Mari got her start in music when she was in high school as she sang commercial songs. After graduating from school in 1980, she formed the backing band Hamachan and participated as the vocals for the band MISTY CATS. She debuted later with the single "Blue Revolution" as she wanted to become a hard rock female vocalist with a heavy metal style for her music.

In 1988, her single "Heart and Soul" was used as the image song for NHK broadcasting of the 1988 Summer Olympics. But it wasn't till her next single that got her famous and got her first top ten. "Return to Myself ~Shinai, Shinai, Natsu." only reached #5 on the weekly Oricon charts due to fierce competition of Princess Princess and Kudo Shizuka releasing singles on the same week.

In the next decade, Hamada crossed over boundaries and went on tour in Asia. She also released the album Introducing... Mari Hamada for Europe. She also participated in the charity group USED TO BE A CHILD in 1993.


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  • [2002.09.26] LIVE 2002 Marigold
  • [2003.03.26] Mari Hamada Live History 1985~1992
  • [2004.03.10] Footsteps In 20 Years / Mari Hamada Videoclips Collection
  • [2004.06.23] Beyond Tomorrow
  • [2004.11.17] ONE NIGHT MAGIC Vol.1
  • [2004.11.17] ONE NIGHT MAGIC Vol.2
  • [2004.11.17] MISTY LADY
  • [2004.11.17] MAGICAL MYSTERY “MARI”
  • [2004.11.17] BLUE REVOLUTION
  • [2004.11.17] Heart and Soul / RETURN TO MYSELF
  • [2004.11.17] TO YOU
  • [2009.04.15] 25th Anniversary Tour “On The Wing” in Tokyo

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