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Harajuku is the name given to the district around Harajuku Station. Known as the hip district of "eternal youth", Harajuku is an amazing place to witness some extreme Tokyo street fashion. The streets are usually paraded with performers, cosplayers, and designers of all sorts. It's inspired many people around the world.

Types of Styles

The many types of styles seen can be enormous, but there are a few popular ones that are seen quite often.

Lolita is one of the most popular choices; the 'lolita' fashion is very reminense of old England. Inspired from literature, lolita outfits usually contain frills, ribbons, and bows. Lolita-goers usually carry things like parasols, stuffed animals, and balloons to accesorize. Though most lolita looks are similar, there are different kinds; Baby Doll Lolita, Gothic Lolita, and Rose Lolita. Baby Doll Lolita (also called "Sweet Lolita") is usually made of colors like baby blue & pink. It's sweet and appealing. Gothic Lolita is generally made of darker colors, with odd jewelry and designs. Rose Lolita is checkered red & black, and is generally not as bold as the other two.

Goth styles are everywhere in Harajuku. Consisting of dark colors and intimidating clothing, Goths generally dress to spook.