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Hello Sleepwalkers

Hello Sleepwalkers promoting Shinsekai (2017)

Hello Sleepwalkers (ハロー・スリープウォーカーズ) is a Japanese alternative rock band signed to A-Sketch and managed by AMUSE. The band debuted on October 5th, 2011, with the single "Sentimental Shoukougun".


  • Shuntaro (シュンタロウ) - Vocals, Guitar
  • Narumi (ナルミ) - Guitar, Vocals
  • Tasoko (タソコ) - Guitar
  • Makoto (マコト) - Bass
  • Yuki (ユウキ) - Drums


Hello Sleepwalkers was formed in Okinawa in 2008. They have appeared three consecutive years at ROCK IN JAPAN FES, and have appeared in numerous other festivals. In 2014, the single "Goya no Machiawase" became a breakout hit, and they have steadily been gaining popularity.


Hello Sleepwalkers promoting "Sentimental Shoukougun" (2011)
Hello Sleepwalkers promoting Liquid Soul and Solid Blood (2014)


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Band Scores

Hello Sleepwalkers - Majiru Yoru band score.jpg

  • [2012.06.28] Band Score Hello Sleepwalkers "Majiru Yoru: Nemurasenai Wakusei"

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