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Hontou no Koi (May J.)

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Digital Single & CD+DVD Cover
CD Only Cover
May J.
Hontou no Koi (本当の恋; True Love)
2014.09.03 (Digital Single)
Catalog Number
RZCD-59654 (CD+DVD)
RZCD-59655 (CD Only)
AQZ1-76581 (Music Card (Calendar 2014.10~2014.11))
AQZ1-76582 (Music Card (Calendar 2014.12~2015.1))
AQZ1-76583 (Music Card (Calendar 2015.2~2015.3))
AQZ1-76584 (Music Card (Calendar 2015.4~2015.5))
AQZ1-76585 (Music Card (Calendar 2015.6~2015.7))
AQZ1-76586 (Music Card (Calendar 2015.8~2015.9))
¥2,160 (CD+DVD)
¥1,404 (CD Only)
¥540 (Music Cards)
¥250 (Digital Single)
Digital Single & Music Card Tracklist
  1. Hontou no Koi (本当の恋)
CD Tracklist
  1. Hontou no Koi (本当の恋)
  2. Sunshine Baby!
  3. Kokoro no Kagi (心の鍵; Key of Heart)
  4. Tsukanoma no Niji Demo (つかのまの虹でも; Even a Fleeting Rainbow)
  5. Hontou no Koi [Off Vocal] (本当の恋)
  6. Sunshine Baby! [Off Vocal]
  7. Kokoro no Kagi [Off Vocal] (心の鍵)
  8. Tsukanoma no Niji Demo [Off Vocal] (つかのまの虹でも)
DVD Tracklist
  • Special Movie
  1. Hontou no Koi -Episode 0- (本当の恋)
  • Studio Acoustic Live
  1. Eternally -Wedding ver.-
  2. Kimi no Uta (きみの唄)
  3. Yozora no Yuki ~ TSUBASA [Medley] (夜空の雪 〜 TSUBASA [メドレー])
  4. Lovin' you
  • 2014.5.8 Suntory Hall Live with NHK Symphony Orchestra Top Member (2014.5.8 サントリーホール コンサート with N響メンバークインテット)
  1. Furusato (ふるさと)
  • Tokuten Eizou (特典映像; Bonus)
  1. 本当の恋 -Episode 0ー [Making Movie] (本当の恋)
  2. Making of May J.
  3. Making of Uchida Atsuto (内田篤人)


"Hontou no Koi" is the sixth single single released by May J. and her 22nd digital single. The title track was used as an insert song for the TBS drama "Dousousei ~Hito wa, Sando, Koi wo Suru~." The song "Sunshine Baby!" was used as the CM song for Yamazaki "Lunch Pack" and the song "Kokoro no Kagi" was used as the ending theme for the anime "Fairy Tail". The single was postponed from August 13, 2014 to September 10, 2014.

Song Information

May J. promoting the single
Other Information

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 7 8 4 5 9 4 6 16,055
7 30 26 - 15 26 23 25 3,382

Total Reported Sales: 23,378*

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