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Ichidan Tobi ~2005.4.1 Shibuya O-East~

DVD Cover
Ichidan Tobi ~2005.4.1 SHIBUYA O-EAST~ (一段飛び; All the More Flying)
Catalog Number
  1. Shikosahoko (しこさほこ)
  2. Hai Kinoko no Mori, Samayoi Sakana (灰キノコの森、さまよい魚; Forest of Gray Mushrooms, Wandering Fish)
  3. Mazochi -Sangatsu ni Mita Yume no Saikousei- (マゾチ -三月に観た夢の再構成-; A View of a Dream's Reconstruction in March)
  4. Kaeru to Kubiwa (蛙と首輪; A Frog and a Collar)
  5. Kei (景; Scenery)
  6. Digital Lolita Demonstration (デジタルロリータデモンストレーション)
  7. Gothic Party Speed Session (ゴシックパーティースピードセッション)
  8. Melt In Cinnamon (メルトインシナモン)
  9. Kyoukai Pool (教会プール; A Church Pool)
  10. Heien no Ato, Ame (閉演の後、雨; After the Closing, Rain)
  11. Tseppe-shi, Taberu. (ツェッペ氏、食べる。; Mr. Tseppe, Eat.)
  12. Cecily Kuse (セシリー癖; Cecily's Habit)
  13. Romancer (ロマンサー)
  14. Daikei (台形; Trapezoid)
  15. Nankyoku (南極; The South Pole)
  16. Chaos Cream Festival (カオスクリームフェスティバル)
  17. Asshuku-Roll (圧縮-ロール; Compression Roll)
  18. Downer Beautiful Song (ダウナービューティフルソング)
  19. M (エム)
  20. Metamorphosis Last Page (変態最終頁)


"Ichidan Tobi ~2005.4.1 SHIBUYA O-EAST~" is the first live DVD released by Ayabie. As the title says, the concert was filmed at the "Ichidan Tobi" one-man live at Shibuya O-EAST on April 1st, 2005.