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Ishikawa Hidemi

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Ishikawa Hidemi

Ishikawa Hidemi (石川秀美) is a former Japanese pop idol singer.


  • Married Name: Yakamaru Hidemi (薬丸秀美)
  • Birthdate: July 13, 1966 (1966-07-13) (age 52)
  • Birthplace: Seto, Aichi Prefecture
  • Family: Yakumaru Hirohide (Husband)


Ishikawa Hidemi was born in 1966 as the second daughter to a member of Japanese Self Defense services. However, her father was killed in a traffic accident when Hidemi was in 4th grade. From then on, her mother continued to raise her and her siblings as a single mother. In middle school, Ishikawa was a member of her middle school's basketball club. Around that same time, she also applied for the "Younger Brother and Sister Recuiting Audition" held by Saijo Hideki. Ishikawa was chosen out of 55,460 applicants from the audition and started to focus on her musical career when she moved to Tokyo after graduating from middle school.

Ishikawa made her singing debut in 1982 with the single "Yousei Jidai". She won various awards like Rookie of the Year at various music festivals as her popularity sky-rocketed. She was also a regular on the such television programs like Hana no 82 Nen Gumi.

In 1989, Ishikawa met talent Yakumaru Hirohide and began a intimate friendship. A year later, a scandal, dealing with Ishikawa being pregnant, broke out that forced Ishikawa to marry Yakumaru. Due to the marriage, Ishikawa retired from show business by the end of the year. But, she wouldn't retire completely as she appeared in a handful of commercials with her husband in the 90s. Her eldest son, Yakumaru Sho, debuted as an actor in doramas and films in 2008.


Original Albums

Live Albums

Best Albums



  • [1982.10.31] Ai Amu Hidemi (愛編む秀美)
  • [1983.02.15] Ishikawa Hidemi Shashinshuu (石川秀美写真集)
  • [1983.06.23] Peppermint Dream (ペパーミント・ドリーム)
  • [1983.08.01] Ii Natsu HIDEMI (いい夏HIDEMI)
  • [1983.11.25] Hitori ga Suki, Shoujo 17sai. (ひとりが好き、少女17歳。)
  • [1984.04.20] Ishikawa Hidemi Shashinshuu Part2 Tropical Dreaming (石川秀美写真集Part2 トロピカル・ドリーミング)
  • [1984.06.18] Marine Blue no Tokimeki (マリンブルーのときめき)
  • [1984.09.01] Himitsu Meite, 18sai. (ひみつめいて、18歳。)
  • [1985.05.27] Tropical Noon (トロピカル・ヌーン)
  • [1985.08.15] 19sai First Memories (19歳・ファースト・メモリーズ)
  • [1986.03.20] Kono Mama Atsui Hi (このまま熱い日)
  • [1986.03.25] Sarigenaku, Sugao no Mama (さりげなく、素顔のまま)
  • [1986.04.10] Ishikawa Hidemi Shashinshuu HIDEMI
  • [1986.08.10] EUROPEAN HEART
  • [1988.04.05] Between
  • [1990.04.08] aviation

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