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It's My Time

Album Cover
Chae Yeon
It's My Time
CD Tracklist
  1. Sigan (Intro) (시간; Time)
  2. Wiheomhan Yeonchul (위험한 연출; Dangerous Act)
  3. Sarangneukkim (사랑느낌; Feeling of Love)
  4. Sojunghan Sarang (소중한 사랑; Precious Love)
  5. Namjaui Sarang (남자의 사랑; Man's Love)
  6. Aryeonhan Gidarim (세잎 클로버 ; Subtle Waiting)
  7. Seip Keullobeo (세잎 클로버; Three-leaf Clover)
  8. Gido (기도; Prayer)
  9. Neomanui Maeryeok (너만의 매력; Only Your Charm)
  10. Sangcheo (상처; Wound)
  11. Oraedwen Yeonin (오래된 연인; Old Lover)
  12. Somun (소문; Rumor)
  13. Hyusik (Outro) (휴식; Rest)


It's My Time is the debut solo album released by Chae Yeon. "Wiheomhan Yeonchul" and "Sarangneukkim" were used as the lead tracks.

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