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Jinxing Shi

Regular Edition Cover
Allen Su
Jinxing Shi (进行式; Present Tense)
2011.06.01 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Shen Pang (身旁; By Your Side)
  2. Jiaru Ai Shi Yi Zhong Cuo (假如爱是一种错; If Love is Wrong)
  3. Party Queen
  4. Wo Hai Zai Changge (我还在唱歌; I’m Still Singing)
  5. Fenlie (分裂; Split)
  6. Xia Ci Zai Wan (下次再玩; Let's Play Next time)
  7. Fei Ouxiang (非偶像; Not Your Idol)
  8. I Will Be The..
  9. Zhi Tanxin Bu Tanxin (只谈心不贪心; Soulmates, Not Lovers)
  10. Be My Lady
  11. Pa Ai (怕爱; Afraid to Love)


Jinxing Shi is the second studio album released by Allen Su. The album focus around the struggle that Allen faces around his thoughts and what kind of singer he is a free self expressing singer or an artist under following label's wishes.'