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Juliette no Knife

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"Juliette no Knife" Cover
Juliette no Knife (ジュリエットのナイフ; Juliette's Knife)
Other Information
Total Producer: DaizyStripper
Arrangement & Sound Producer: DaizyStripper, Sasaki Hisao
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Junichiro "ojjy" Ojima
Recording & Mixing Studio: ICC STUDIO
Mastering Engineer / Studio: Jun Miura / Free Market


"Juliette no Knife" is a pop-rock song recorded by DaizyStripper. Along with the B-side "Brilliant Days.", "Juliette no Knife" was slated to be their third single. It was going to be released on June 25th, 2008 with the catalog number of BMDS-003 for ¥1,300. This was announced alongside "Hoshizora to Kimi no Te", their proposed second single, which was to be released on May 28th. In the mid-to-end of May 2008 it was announced that at the behest of the band the two proposed singles that were to be released would be cancelled and be put together, as they told a single story. It then became a single box set titled "CROSS", which was released on June 11th.