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Kaneshiro Takeshi

Takeashi Kaneshiro (Chinese: 金城 武, romaji: Kaneshiro Takeshi, Pinyin: Jīnchéng Wǔ, pronounced, born October 11, 1973) is a Taiwanese-Japanese actor and singer.


  • Japanese/English: Takeshi Kaneshiro
  • Mandarin: Jin Cheng Wu
  • Cantonese: Gum Sing Mo
  • Height: 180cm
  • Blood type: O
  • Chinese Zodiac: Ox
  • Horoscope: Libra
  • Date Of Birth: October 11, 1973
  • Birthplace: Tianmu, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Agency: Fu-Long Productions
  • Family: Parents - Divorced, Father remarried, Japanese father, Taiwanese mother of Chinese descent and 2 older brothers (1 brother is a half-sibling from his mothers previous marriage who is about 7 years older, 2nd brother is about 1 year older)
  • Languages: Japanese, Taiwanese, Mandarin, Cantonese and English
  • Education: Taipei Japanese School (Elementary) then Gaoxong Prep School (High School) then Taipei American School (High School: 9th-11th Grade) then dropped out.
  • Personality: Shy, quiet, introverted, easy-going, sensitive, keeps worries to himself, can be stubborn if he really believes in something, hates crowds
  • Favorite Movies: Ghost, Jurrastic Park
  • Favorite Singers: Jacky Cheung, Leon Lai, Aaron Kwok, Andy Lau, Beyond, Michael Jackson, Guns N Roses


Takeshi Kaneshiro was born in Taiwan in 1973. He has both Chinese and Japanese parentage, and he was educated and brought up in Taiwan. Advertising agents discovered Kaneshiro when he was just fifteen, and he proceeded to make a number of commercials. Seeing potential in Kaneshiro, a record company took him under its wing, and he recorded his first solo album in 1992. He began to make appearances in Hong Kong films in 1993, and his first film role was in The Executioners directed by Johnnie To Kei-fung. Creative collaborations with director Wong Kar-wai followed in Chungking Express and Fallen Angels, and with director Lee Chi-ngai in Lost and Found brought him to the attention of the Japanese media as he enjoyed enormous popularity in Japan.

Subsequently, he was invited to participate in a number of Japanese television dramas including Miracle on a Holy Night, Tunnel, God! Please Give Me More Time! and many others. In 2000, he made the hit television series Love 2000 with renowned Japanese actress Nakayama Miho. He then collaborated with actress Kuroki Hitomi in the popular series Golden Bowl. Kaneshiro appeared in his first Japanese film Misty in 1996, and was followed by Japanese-produced The Sleepless Town directed by Lee Chi-ngai. Other Japanese productions include Space Travelers and Returner. Kaneshiro divides his time between Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan, and his numerous film credits include Wrath of Silence, Dr. Wai in the Scripture with No Words, The Feeling of Love, The Odd One Dies, Hero, Downtown Torpedoes, Anna Magdalena, Tempting Heart, Lavender and an American film Too Tired To Die and others. His latest film is Turn left, Turn right, directed by Johnnie To and Wai Ka-fai. In spite of being a bona-fide film star, Kaneshiro has also made progress in the music industry with the release of five albums including "Ideal Lover", "Missed Date", "Secretly Drunk", "To My Beloved" and "Always Willing" respectively.


  • Started as a singer under Taipei A&R company, then Polygram, then EMI
  • Stated that he didn't think he was that great a singer
  • Was known as one of the 'Four Little Heavenly Kings' of Taiwan
  • Started his career at age 15 in a Kiwi drink commercial
  • Music debut in 1992 with album "Heartbreaking Night"
  • Movie debut in 1993 with 'Heroic Trio: Executioners"
  • First went to Japan at age 18
  • Never took acting lessons
  • Well known Taiwanese singers Rene Liu and Bobby Chen are his voice teachers prior to his musical career.



  • Executioners (1993) ... Chung Hon
  • No, Sir! (1994) ... Kam Tit Sun
  • Mermaid Got Married (1994) ... Kenji / Mark Kim
  • The Wrath of Silence (1994) ... Patrick Ko
  • Chungking Express (1994) ... Ho Chi-Wu
  • School Days (1995) ... Eagle
  • Trouble Maker (1995) ... A Miu
  • Don't Give a Damn (1995) ... Insp Tang Chuen Shek
  • Young Policemen in Love (1995)
  • Fallen Angels (1995) ... He Qiwu
  • China Dragon (1995) ... Kok Tong Miu
  • Lost and Found (1996) ... Joh Hau-Chung / Worm
  • Forever Friends (1996) ... Pte Li Ta-Wei
  • The Scripture with No Words (1996) ... Shing
  • The Feeling of Love (1996)
  • First Love: The Litter on the Breeze (1997)
  • Downtown Torpedoes (1997) ... Jackal
  • Hero (1997) ... Ma Wing Ching
  • The Odd One Dies (1997) ... Mo
  • Jail in Burning Island (1997) ... Yeung Chung
  • Anna Magdalena (1998) ... Chan Kar-Fu
  • The Sleepless Town (1998) ... Ryu Kenichi
  • Tempting Heart (1999) ... Lin Ho Jun
  • Lavender (2000) ... Angel
  • Turn Left, Turn Right (2003) ... John Liu
  • House of Flying Daggers (2004) ... Jin
  • Perhaps Love (2005) ... Lin Jian Dong
  • Does Soak Woman (2005)
  • Confession of Pain (2006) ... Yau Kin Bong
  • The Warlords (2007) ... Jiang Wu-Yang
  • Red Cliff (2008) ... Zhu-Ge Liang
  • Red Cliff: Part 2 (2009) ... Zhuge Liang
  • Wu Xia (2011) ... Detective Xu Bai-Jiu
  • The Crossing: Part 1 (2014) ... Dr Yan Zekun
  • The Crossing II (2015)
  • The Ferryman (2015)

TV Dramas

  • Grass Scholar (1992)
  • Christmas Miracle (1995)
  • Colour of Armour (1995)
  • Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake (Fuji TV, 1998)
  • Nisennen no Koi (Fuji TV, 2000)
  • Golden Bowl (NTV, 2002)


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