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Kawada Junko

Kawada Junko (河田純子) is a Japanese singer-songwriter, actress, and former member of the idol group Rakutenshi.


  • Nickname: JunJun (ジュンジュン)
  • Birthdate: November 22, 1974 (1974-11-22) (age 49)
  • Birthplace: Akita, Akita Prefecture
  • Blood Type: O


Kawada got her break in 1989 when she was the runner-up for the 2nd Annual Azuma All Raisin Princess Contest, beaten by Asada Hanako. She started her musical career soon after with the single "Kagaya no Sketch". Before the year was up, she also became a member of the idol group Rakutenshi. She also became a member of the Christmas-themed unit Nanatsuboshi the year after.

Soon after the breakup of Rakutenshi, Kawada Junko retired from show business in 1991. But, it didn't last long as she came back in 2005 to form the duo LENPHa. After that, she performed in a concert with other idols a year after.





  • [1989.11.30] Deka Dunk Kawada Junko Chuugakusei no Ketsui! (でかダンク河田純子 中学生の決意!)
  • [1991.03.20] Catch Me! (キャッチミー!)
  • [1991.11.25] HighGrade
  • [1992.06.05] IntermissioN

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