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King Gnu

King Gnu promoting "Ichizu / Sakayume" (2021)

King Gnu is a 4-member rock band signed to Ariola Japan. Their style of music is described as a mixture of contemporary, alternative rock with a hip-hop and J-pop edge. Formed in 2013, the band was known as Srv.Vinci until 2017.


Former Members


King Gnu promoting CEREMONY (2021)
Note: All releases are under the name King Gnu unless otherwise stated.




Digital Singles



  • [2019.09.18] MTV VMAJ 2019: Best Video of the Year – "Hakujitsu", Best New Artist Video – "Hakujitsu"
  • [2019.11.03] 2019 MTV Europe Music Awards – Best Japan Act
  • [2019.12.05] 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best New Asian Artist – Japan
  • [2019.12.30] 61st Japan Record Awards: Excellence Album Award – Sympa
  • [2020.02.26] 34th Japan Gold Disc Award: New Artist of the Year – Japanese Music Category
  • [2020.03.09] 32nd Music Pen Club Music Awards: Best New Artist
  • [2020.03.13] SPACE SHOWER MUSIC AWARDS 2020: Best Rock Artist
  • [2020.11.19] MTV VMAJ 2020: Best Rock Video – "Doron"
  • [2021.03.23] 13th CD Shop Awards: Best Albums – CEREMONY
  • [2021.04.11] SPACE SHOWER MUSIC AWARDS 2021: Best Rock Artist

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