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Koyanagi the Covers Product 1

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Album Cover
Koyanagi Yuki
Koyanagi the Covers PRODUCT 1
2000.05.24 (Japan)
2000.06.13 (Taiwan)
Catalog Number
  1. Sora ga Ochite Kuru (I Feel the Earth Move) (空が落ちてくる) (Original: Carole King)
  2. Without You (Original: Mariah Carey)
  3. WHO'S CRYING NOW (Original: Journey)
  4. MacAthur Park (Original: Richard Harris)
  5. CRY ME A RIVER (Original: Ella Fitzgerald)
  6. JUST ONE LOOK (Original: Doris Troy)
  7. Ashita ni Kakeru Hashi (Bridge Over Troubled Water) (明日に架ける橋) (Original: Doris Troy)
  8. MANDY (Original: Simon & Garfunkel)
  9. Shinin' day - ICE. Version-
  10. I don't wanna be crazy -H.N. Version-
  11. Anata no Kiss wo Kazoemashou -Orchestral Version- (あなたのキスを数えましょう)


Koyanagi the Covers PRODUCT 1 is Koyanagi Yuki's first cover album. Although the titles of two songs have been translated into Japanese, all the tracks are English covers. The album also included a new version of her debut single and two new versions of songs from her debut album Freedom. It reached #1 on Oricon charts and charted for 17 weeks. As it sold 750,410 copies in 2000, it was the 30th best-selling album of that year.

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