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L'Homme A Tete De Sushi

From generasia
Album Cover
Saeki Kenzo
L'homme à la tête de sushi (The Man at the Head of Sushi)
Catalog Number
¥1,500 (Japan)
12.00€ (France)
  1. Le poinçonneur des Lilas (The Lilac Puncher)
  2. La mouche (The Fly)
  3. Couleur café (Coffee Color)
  4. Les cornichons (Pickles)
  5. L'eau à la bouche (Mouth Watering)
  6. Harley Davidson
  7. Roller Girl
  8. La femme des uns sous le corps des autres (A Woman in the Body of Someone Else)
  9. La javanaise (Javanese)
  10. Le temps des Yé-Yé (The Time of Pop)
  11. Sea, Sex and Sun
  12. La maison près de la fontaine (The House Near the Fountain)
  13. Le poinçonneur des Lilas (Full Version)


L'homme à la tête de sushi is Saeki Kenzo's debut album. The album was sung in French and Japanese. It was recorded in France.