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LADYBABY promoting "Haten ni Raimei" (2019)

LADYBABY is a Japanese metal / "kawaiicore" girl group. Originally named LADYBABY, the group changed their name to The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY when member Ladybeard departed the group. With the departure of Kuromiya Rei and the addition of Ikeda Nana, Arima Emily, and Karasawa Fuka, the group reverted their name back to LADYBABY. They are currently signed to the Raimei RECORDS label. The group suspended all activities on January 13, 2020 after their final show, with a compilation titled REBURN released the same day.


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LADYBABY promoting "Hoshi no Nai Sora" (2018)


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  • [2019.03.08] "Riot Anthem" Lyric Book

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