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LAGOON promoting "Bokutachi no Mainichi ga Eien ni Naru." (2016)

LAGOON (ラグーン) was a five piece Japanese female pop-rock band, signed under Sony Music Records.


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LAGOON promoting "Kimi no Matsu Sekai" (2014)

It was announced on October 3, 2014 that actress Takimoto Miori would be the vocalist for the brand new all-female band LAGOON. Auditions were then held to find the other members with the motive to "support women in making their dreams come true." The members are women who want to make music, but also come from different backgrounds. The members are RINO, the guitarist and a mother of one child, NANA, the bassist and a paramedic, yuri, the drummer and a student, and YUKINO, the keyboardist and a cafe employee. In addition to this, Takimoto is the vocalist under the stage name "MIORI".

Before their debut, the band uploaded videos titled "LAGOON document" weekly on their official YouTube channel. After getting a feel for making music with the members, MIORI said, "It’s my first time experiencing rock and being in a band. I still feel we have a long way to go, but I do remember feeling good when I sang live with the band for the first time. It has still been a few days since I met the members, but I want to strengthen our bonds through the music. Someday I would like to perform at arenas and big performance halls like Tokyo Dome! I am looking forward to meeting the fans and will strive hard every day until that moment comes!"

LAGOON's first single, "Kimi no Matsu Sekai" was released on November 26, 2014. It was used as the opening theme song for the anime Magic Kaito 1412.

The band announced that it will dissolve in July 2016.




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